Wheel of Water

iOS | Android
C# - Unity3D

Make a bet, get wet! Use The Wheel of Water to settle any kind of wager. The wheel will provide instructions on how water should be administered to the losing party.

Ninja Warz 2

iOS | Facebook | Kongregate
Objective-C - Cocos2D
ActionScript 3 - Starling

Battle your clan of ninjas in the sequel to the wildly popular Ninja Warz. Developed at Broken Bulb Studios for iOS then ported to Flash. Developed at Broken Bulb Studios.


Privately Distributed
C# - Unity3D

Audio player app developed for medical professionals to help calm patients using music tracks. Uses web service to track users' moods before and after listening sessions.

Light the Night

Objective-C - Cocos2D

Darryl the lightning bug has been struck by lightning! Help him avoid obstacles in this critically acclaimed auto runner. Developed at Broken Bulb Studios.

Dungeon Heroes

Objective-C - Cocos2D

Mobile port of Gamelyn Games' hit board game, Dungeon Heroes. Navigate your heroes through various dungeons looking for treasure. In addition, play head to head with an opponent as the Dungeon Master!

Aliens Need Images: Unscramble

Objective-C - Cocos2D 3.0 - Sprite Builder

The aliens recieve a series of scrambled images from a mysterious location in the universe. Help them by putting the images together and getting enough stars to progress through the universe! Developed at Hot Salsa Interactive.

Don't Suck

Objective-C - Cocos2D

Built as a game jam style project in 12 hours. Keep the vacuum from sucking up any bombs in this casual title. Developed at Broken Bulb Studios.

Ninja Warz

iOS | Facebook | Kongregate
Objective-C - Cocos2D
ActionScript 3 - Flash

Still alive since 2009! Create a clan of ninjas and battle against other players. Developed at Broken Bulb Studios.

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